Hedge-Fund - First year

01 Марта 2014

The first year of work of our hedge-fund “Eganov Asset Management Stocks and Derivatives Strategies S.P.”  was not a complete year as we begun in February.  I have a view, if the first deal was a loss the next deals will be profitable. I can say without sentimentality that we began to trade in a hurry and did not open the hedge dollar account from security broker for hedging currency risk.  A dollar rate increased in February and we have traded our options and futures which were nominated in rubles. We suffered a loss due to our rush and not having a hedge dollar account in place. In March we were able to secure an open hedge dollar account and we could begin to deal with hedging currency risk.

I would like to share with my colleagues from hedge-fund industry about my work's experience with brokers, administrator and consulting company and then at the end of my article I will offer information about our hedge-fund's performance.


The brokers

The most important experience this year was work of the broker company in Russia. We have been trading in Russian and the USA exchange markets. The USA's broker company provides us with a good service and we don't have any problems with it. Russian broker companies have one important defect for our strategy. They can’t take into account for variance margin the assets in dollars for trading futures and options in exchange. The hedge currency rate of buying futures and the charges for those transactions are approximately 7% per year.

The other thing that affects the way we do business is the Russian Stockbroker company’s monthly report for hedge-Fund. Why is it important, you can ask?

In the hedge-fund industry last month’s performances are issued until the 10th the current month.  Some rating agencies require the performances of the last month on the 10th of the month. What this means is if the broker gives the monthly report on the 8th, the administrator company doesn't have enough time to prepare its report. This report is necessary for issuing performances in rating agencies. In comparison, American broker company  Interactivebrokers gives us the monthly report on the 3rd of every month.


The law firm "Harneys"

We needed a service of a good law firm.  I listened to my colleges who suggested this company is very loyal and prompt.  In the spring of 2013 I needed to have a service for my hedge-fund and I sent ‘Harneys’ a request for it.  They completed the service and submitted an invoice to me for their work. We did not have an agreement on the cost of this service. I wrote them a letter stating that such an agreement for the prices of the services was never negotiated in the first place.  They admitted to their error and canceled the invoice for this service.


Consulting company  "Europa-Finance"

After registration of our hedge-fund I asked ‘Europa-Finance’ to help me in registration of my hedge-fund in international rating agencies such as Bloomberg, Reuters at alias. We were working together for a month and got registrations in more than 10 agencies and the ISIN for my hedge-fund.  In the Russia market “Europa-Finance" is the first company which specializes in the hedge-fund industry. It is a young company with great ambitions and they do all things great.


The administrator company Apex

The hedge-fund “Eganov Asset Management Stocks and Derivatives” has hired an administrator company called Apex.  In general I am glad of its service. There are two important things I would like to tell you about my experience with Apex.

The first thing is, if you want to open a broker account you will need to have patience. Apex is a big company which has offices in different parts of the world.  A lot of time they spend collecting and signing necessary documents. Often I had to call them and write to them to remind them of my earlier made requests.

The last thing appeared at the end of year when Apex requested information for the annual Financial Statement. In 2012 I had agreement with Apex that my hedge-fund will be audited by PWC with the cost of not more than $12,000. In December I knew that Apex switched from PWC to Deloitte and they could not confirm the actual fee for their annual audit. I had to correspond with top-managers from Apex for about two weeks and at the end of the day they confirmed with me that the cost will be no more than agreed upon earlier $12,000.


The performance 2013

  Annual Return/ Max drawdown Annual return of the RTSI/ Max drawdown Annual return of the S&P500/ Max drawdown Standard deviation Correlation with the RTSI Correlation with the S&P 500 Sharpe ratio Sortino ratio
2013 +1.11%/5.43%



+24.17%/ 3.91% 3.27% -0.10 0.35 0.07 0.14


Summary: the first year of work made it possible to adjust necessary procedures with the stockbroker, the administrator company and clients, and we managed well. In spite of fact that we don’t have profit for our clients, but we covered all fees without loses. In 2014 we will apply every effort to make well profit for our clients. For this task we have improved our strategies and we will start to increase our activity in options and futures on American market.

Information for investors

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Хедж-фонд является отдельным счетом, учрежденным как отдельный класс акций Компании, которая зарегистрирована, как сегрегированная портфельная компания в мае 2011 года на неограниченный срок и взаимный фонд в соответствии с Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

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Пользователи вэб-сайта, которые намерены осуществить подписку на акции Компании или Суб-фонда должны помнить, что любая подписка на любые акции Компании или Хедж-фонда может быть сделана только при заполнении документа на подписку для соответствующих акций и делается на основе информации изложенной в меморандуме Компании и приложений Хедж-фонда.

Лицам, заинтересованным в подписке на акции Компании или Хедж-фонда следует предоставить необходимые документы Инвестиционной Компании и Администратору.

При осуществлении инвестиционного решения инвесторы должны полагаться на свой анализ Компании и Хедж-фонда и их условия, включая достоинства и риски. Не может быть никаких гарантий, что инвестиционные цели Компании или Хедж-фонда будут достигнуты.

Акции Компании или Хедж-фонда не были поданы на одобрение или одобрены или не одобрены каким-либо регулятором любой страны или другой юрисдикцией, а так же как ни один регулятор не выносил решения или суждения касательно Компании или Хедж-фонда.

Директора Компании (Директора) не собираются предлагать акции Компании или Хедж-фонда на вторичном рынке. В настоящий момент нет спроса на листинг или другие торговые операции на акции со стороны Компании или Хедж-фонда, однако Директора оставляют за собой право осуществить листинг в будущем.

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Информация для инвесторов в Республике Кипр

Напоминаем  пользователям вэб-сайта, что не существует одобрения и согласования в отношении Компании или Хедж-фонда со стороны государственного регулятора в Республике Кипр. В Республике Кипр акции Компании или Хедж-фонда могут быть проданы только после получения одобрения или согласования в CySEC, которое не получено в соответствии с требованиями закона.

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Интернет не является надежным средством передачи информации и Инвестиционная компания, Управляющая компания, Администратор, Компания и Хедж-фонд не берут на себя любую ответственность за ошибки при передаче информации, а также за убытки или ущерб или за любые изменения или за безопасность или конфиденциальность информации переданной через Интернет или от Инвестиционной компании, Управляющей компании, Администратора, Компании, Хедж-фонда или их директоров, сотрудников, партнеров, акционеров или членов.

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Закон и интерпретация

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